Navigating the new blog

Oh happy day, this blog is moving right along!!  It is a little generic, and I am  not quite sure I am in love with it yet, but hey, it is a start and I even figured out how to upload pictures! Ha! Above the header, you’ll find the “pages” tabs,  where you’ll find the heart and soul of Southern Charm Designs.  Please visit the Find Us! tab to locate our booths, retailer’s hours, and what shows we’ll be participating in this year.  The Portfolio tab is a quick picture reference of past projects…I did not list any comments here, so if you want more details about a picture, feel free to ask!  The Services tab gives a complete and comprehensive list of what Southern Charm Design offers and rates that correspond to those services.  I have not quite decided how often I will post/update the blog…I don’t want to feel tied down to it…but use it as a place to give our customers more detailed information, provide tutorials, post updated information, etc.  Please be patient with me as I tweak this plan and find my “happy place” in the blog world.  Our Facebook page will still be updated daily and be the hub for short updates, pictures, etc.

Please explore our new site and I hope you find some pieces that inspire you!!!


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