Why I love what I do…

I know I have said this a hundred times, so fair warning, I am going to say it agian…getting to meet new people, hearing their stories, etc. is my VERY FAVORITE part of junkin’, refinishing, and being an auction queen.  I have heard some of THE best stories, learned more history than I ever did in a classroom, and have met people whom will be a part of my heart forever…people who have inspired me and so many parts of my business.  Today I headed out on what I thought was a normal  “pick up some inventory” trip  and ended up meeting a grandma whom had just lost her grandson to Anencephaly (the same birth defect we lost Kade to)…talk about an emotional inventory pick up!! It’s those moments that remind me how blessed I am, how our stories and experiences are always valuable to someone, and how much I love getting this opportunity.  Teresa and her family will now always be a part of my nightly prayers…and it all started with two dressers.  Gotta love it!

While I am in this reflective mode, I want to say a HUGE thank you to all of those who have supported me, helped me get started, helped push me when I was afraid of just going for it and for teaching me all of their valuable business knowledge!!  The Funky Zebra, Refunk My Junk, All About Moi, Top to Toe Designs,  Millie, and Gypsy Green….man I owe you all more than I could ever give back!!!  Check out their Facebook pages and show them some LOVE! (now mrs. millie… you just have to go into SW Antique Mall to get to visit with her! 🙂


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