What Paint Products I use….(most common questions answered)

I receive A LOT of questions on paints, glazes, etc I use, so today’s post will hopefully answer any questions you have! If you have any further questions on CeCe Caldwell’s paints, please head over to RefunkMyJunk.com and Allison can answer ANYTHING 🙂

  • First, let me say I use CeCe Caldwell paint 99.9% of the time.  Currently being pregnant, it is just simply the safest paint to use…hands down.   I paint in a small area of my garage, I paint while my kiddos play next to me (and ocassionally while they put their little hands all over my fresh painting job), and the fact that it is all natural just makes the decision easy.  My furniture goes into the homes of people who have small children and animals and lets face it, sometimes these little people chew on furniture…wouldn’t you rather have the ingredients on your furniture be all natural vs. lots of chemicals?? Second, with chalk paint, there is no sanding or priming…that saves SO much time!!  If you are professional refurbisher, you are all doing the happy dance on that one!  Also, CeCe’s finishes out so nicely.  When I refurbish a piece, I like to make the old look new, but in an old fashioned way…I want to make the piece look as though it has lasted a hundred years and is still going strong with style.  The finish of a paint is key to this look and a latex paint rarely gives me  that look or finish I am aiming for.  I realize that not everyone is hip on paying $32.95 a quart for paint, but if you are truly going to love a piece, want a true shabby chic or antiqued look,  and want it to last years, you need to invest in the right paint.  Plus, CeCe’s paints are made in the U.S.A…enough said.
  • The other 1%: before pregnancy, I used Behr and Sherwin Williams quite often. I’ve always used paint/primer in one, but many of us refurbishers have differing opinions on this, so please note this is only MY preference. I prefer it because it covered the piece completely, as well as required only 2 coats.   It also very much depends on the piece I am working on!!  I can’t stress enough that YOU HAVE TO STUDY A PIECE BEFORE DECIDING ON HOW TO TACKLE IT!
  • and on that note…..BUY YOUR PIECE FIRST…I used to do this all backwards. I would go pick out colors I just “loved” and then would make it fit into whatever piece I had in inventory. Such a big mistake and I would like to have a few “redos” from my beginning paint days! Each piece is unique and you need to have a vision for it.  Once you know what needs to be repaired (if anything), where you want the piece to go or the feel you want it to have, then go out and pick your paint colors. My current method is to get paint swatches once I have an idea in mind and then go from there. Now living out in middle of nowhere, I have to have a plan when I head into the big city to get paint.  I know CeCe’s colors well enough by now that I can see a piece and know what colors I need and her quarts last so long, I almost always have what I need on hand. But my advice if you live near a paint supplier, take the time to get some swatches, take them back home, and tape them (with a very mild tape) to your piece to get the best idea of what you really want.
  • Finishes: oh boy…this is where things get fun! So many options, so many decisions…glaze, wax, poly…oh my! I will tackle this in a later post as it gets pretty in depth and there are so many options and techniques.  For now,  I will leave you with this:  My current obsession is dark wax.  I tint CeCe’s Clear Wax with Hershey Brown (or whatever color I want to tint my piece with) and I rub it on.  CeCe will also be releasing a dark wax soon, and I am absolutely giddy about that!!  Wax gives the overall appearance of a glaze, adds an antique finish to the piece, and it is so much easier to work with.  My best tip: fully work it in!!!

Ok, now all of you DIY’ers are motivated and ready to paint, right??  I hope this helps you out a bit as you begin your journey! Happy Painting!!



  1. Awesome post!

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