Painting Workshops now available!

Southern Charm Designs now has painting workshops available!!! 

I have spent a lot of time reflecting on how I want to grow Southern Charm Designs, my overall goals and what part of this business I love the most. All leads back to refinishing, painting, and teaching.  To be very honest, painting became a life saver for me in my darkest hours. It gives me an outlet and helps me contribute to my family financially without having to be on job site for a set number of hours each day. After many years of practice,  learning, work shops, and trial and error, I am ready to begin teaching others how to become a DIY Warrior too (with paint that is) !

Here are the details:

  • Private sessions held in my workshop or your home (outdoor space or garage required)
  • 3-4 hours of one-on-one hands-on learning time (time depending on how big your piece of furniture is)
  • I supply all paint and paining supplies
  • $135 within 25 miles of Weatherford,OK…$155 for workshops outside of this mileage area.

I prefer to stay West of the OKC/Edmond area as I have some great painting BFF’s that offer workshops in these areas and out of the spirit friendship and professional courtesy,  I choose not to cross territories 🙂 If you are in that area or East, I am happy to get you in touch with these amazing gals!

I also love to buy other people’s “junk”…which I normally see the beauty in. Now I’m not talking your dirty ‘ol mattresses here! I mean more along the lines of dressers, night stands, metal, vintage doors and windows, etc. I love to search through scary barns and estates, so please let me know if you have either!

Please feel free to email ( or call (580)515-6494 for additional details. Thank you all so much for stopping by and happy painting!!



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