Fun Spring Project: Butterfly Wreath

When I decided to leave my full time job to be a full time mommy and work full-time growing Southern Charm Designs, there had to be sacrifices made financially. No more commission checks=no more shopping whenever I wanted. I LOVE Pottery Barn (who doesn’t??), but there are many times their merchandise is just not in our budget. So thankfully, there are lots of creative people out there who share their talent on Pintrest.  Here is a project, originally shared from TatorTots and Jello (which you need book mark! Such a great site!)

Here is the picture of inspiration from Pottery Barn:

Here is the my version and what you’ll need to make your own!

SUPPLIES:  Grapevine Wreath (use Hobby Lobby’s 40% coupon and you can get for $3.00)

2-3 Bags of Super Moss


Glitter dust (optional)

Spray Adhesive  (optional)

Hot Glue Gun and glue

Ribbon to hang (I used burlap ribbon)

Simply take the super moss and hot glue it around the grapevine wreath. It comes in sheets, so it is very easy to simply wrap around and glue.  Next, I chose to spray the butterflies with spray adhesive, then dusted them with some silver and iridescent glitter dust just to make them a bit more detailed than the off-the-shelf butterflies.  I let them dry for about 5-10 minutes.  You can then attach them using hot glue or wire. I chose to use hot glue as that is what I had on hand.  To finish it up, you simply add a ribbon to the back (again, I attached with hot glue) to hang it!

WORD OF ADVICE: I had read another post on this about using loose moss around the edges of the wreath, so in the picture above, you can see I tried that…I DO NOT RECOMMEND using the loose moss. It is much messier and every time I moved the wreath, so went the loose moss. Plus it added almost too much dimension in random spots.

This project is super simple, super fast (less than 30 minutes!), and very inexpensive (I spent  $9.36, which did not include the hot glue or ribbon I already on hand).

Here is the original post from Tator Tots and Jello!


Make today a creative one and happy crafting!




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