Vintage Milk Paint Dresser…My newest love

People ask me all the time “So is your house full of your vintage items?”  The answer may be surprising…but, no, it actually is not. My husband is very “Western” like in the cowboy sense…or at least he used to be when we built our home, so most of our decor is  natural woods, lots of earth tones, etc. Now don’t get me wrong, my girls’ room is vintaged out in white and turquoise, vintage dresser,  and so on, as well as I have little things here and there such as vintage books, antique kitchen decor, and a vintage distressed dresser that serves as an entry table. I refurbish so much for “work” that I am just  too tired to do my own furniture 🙂  Great problem to have, so I am thankful for this “problem”!


I am getting better about keeping pieces I fall in love with though, or knowing the instant I find a piece if it is going to be a keeper.  For example, this desk below was just what I was looking for and from the moment I saw it, I knew I was going to love “her” for quite some time! I really wanted to have “my own” space in our bedroom where I could craft, blog, or just work in general.  However, our bedroom has kind of an odd shape with funny nooks here and there due to our large furniture inside this odd layout.  So, the desk had to be small, yet functional. Enter this beauty:



I apologize I did not get a “before” picture, however I am still trying to get into this blog groove! This desk had a beautiful shape, a beautiful “natural” wood shinning through its chipping stain, and the coolest part?? It is collapsible!! Yes, collapsible! The top can fold down and the sides can fold in for “flat” storage. It is so amazing because this thing is OLD and is all done with these really cool vintage hinges.  Since it was already such a beauty in it’s rough state, I really did not want to cover her in paint, plus I needed some natural wood-like finish for it to match our current decor.  Here is the process I used from start to finish.


This piece had a lacquered finish, with some minor peeling, so I sanded the entire piece with an electric sander. I sanded it as lightly as I could with the electric sander, as I wanted some of the natural wood and wear to be seen.   It was in really good shape, so I did not have to do any filler, gluing, etc (Hallelujah!!!)   I then took Antique White Milk paint and painted the legs and body ONLY.   This piece was so chippy on its own that the milk paint just stuck to it perfectly and after one coat, I knew I had made the right choice.  I let that dry and then applied a second coat of milk paint. This piece had such a desirable distressed look to it that I did not have to put the milk paint on perfectly. I even used a brush and let my brush strokes show.  I then let the paint dry over night just because I was exhausted…I know, not very professional, but midnight at night months pregnant seems more like an all nighter!!!  The next morning, I took 220 grit sand paper and went over the entire body and legs, really focusing on the most distressed areas.  I then took tinted brown wax and waxed the ENTIRE piece…I did the and drawers to bring out that natural darker stain of the wood. I wanted the natural wood parts to really show its age and enhance it’s beauty…also to seal and protect it.  I then applied  the wax over the milk paint, really focusing on bringing out the more distressed areas.  The most  fabulous part of wax is that it really lays into the texture of the paint and draws out the areas that have been distressed, making it look so natural. Really rub it in and work it over your entire piece thoroughly.  To finish the piece out, I let the wax sit for 2-3 hours and then I buffed it down with a clean, lint free rag.  TA-DA…it really was easy and I am hoping you can see her beauty in the  picture below (yes, it is crooked and the light is not the most desirable, but hopefully you can still see its form and finish)!!!


This beauty is exactly what I wanted and it fits perfectly in our space.  I know I should probably sell it since that is what I do, but I love her and am already attached 🙂 


Happy Painting and I hope you find your own beauty in all that you do!



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